Zlatan Ibrahimovic again, Arrogance, Pride or Confidence

By OMA | 25-10-2019 | Sports |  

Typical Zlatan Again.

Zlatan again..jpeg

Seems whenever Zlatan isn't making News from on the Pitch Play, He doesnt fail to make News off the Pitch of play.

One Crucial Last Match in their American Major League Soccer.

Zlatan's team had just suffered a 5-3 Humbling Defeat.

One LAFC Fan from the stands took to taunting Zlatan Real Hard and robbing it in the loss on Zlatan's face.

Zlatan Approaching the Tunnel, Slowed down as if to say to the Fan... "You".. Then the Swede grabed his balls before he Smiled and strolled down the tunnel.

Post Match Conference, Zlatan Busted out when he was asked weather he would be continuing his career at the MLS.

His Response ;

'What happens next Year? I dont know. If I stay it will be good for MLS because the whole world will watch it. If I dont stay, nobody would remember what MLS is.