Serena Knocked Out of French Open. Lose some! Win Some..

By OMA | 03-06-2019 | Sports |  

Guess we cant win Always


Coming just a Day after Anthony Joshua lost his fight to Ruiz, Serena William is knocked out of the French Open. Leaving us to marvel what really is happening to our favourite sports men and women.

Serena lost to Sofia Kenin of the U.S a fellow compatriot and it obviously left a sour taste in her mouth.

To worsen her lose, she was accused of showing 'Bad Personality' by Dominic Thiem.

The French Open - Ronald Garros, Paris France, seems to be living upto its billing going by a report from Reuters.

The gist is that Dominic Theim was in the Press conference room addressing Pressmen after his victory. The Austrian fourth seed was talking to Press crew and Serena William who had just lost, was pushing organisers to give her a room straight up not minding if Dominic was in the main Press room..

In Serena's words : "Put me in another room, a smaller one, but now," she said.

The organisers interrupted Theim and had him move out in the middle of his own address to the press to pave way for Serena. The Austrian was fuming at what he regarded as being treated like "a junior".

"Its a joke" the 25 year old Austrian told the Press after he was asked to go to another room.

"I have to leave the room because she is coming. What the hell, I don't care. I can also do whatever I want.

The ideal thing is that every player is supposed to wait.

Serena sure wasn't happen at her straight set lose.

OMA reporting for Sports desk.