Ronaldo shot himself in the Foot when he left Real Madrid.

By OMA | 03-12-2019 | Sports |  

You dont change a winning Team.


From the little I have come to understand from football politics, it is deeper than what we think most times it is.

Lets face it. Ronaldo was not greater than Real Madrid when he left the Club for Juve.

Ronaldo had dynamic perfect structure already in place at Real Madrid that worked for him.

Mourinho was on record to ever have said "you never tamper with a working team". Dont upset balance.

Today Real Madrid is not doing as bad since after Ronaldo left but same cant be said of Ronaldo who seems to just be a shadow of his former self lately.

A fish is nothing outside water.

All these talks about Messi being just a one club man is nonsense talk that must stop.

You never upset a working strategy. Wherever it clicks for you and however it works for you.

Lets say Lionel Messi is Nothing Without Barcelona, but Messi has not been stupid enough to attempt being bigger than the Barcelona Brand.

Today, Everything Barcelona is, they owe it to Messi.

Nobody can prove to a fact that Messi is nothing without Barcelona, but the proofs are there that with Barcelona, he is the Greatest. A single tree never makes a forest, life can never always be centred around you. Ronaldo was in a Haste to exit Madrid for Juventus but his tallies has not added up anywhere close to what it was at Real Madrid.

He is ageing. Messi is steady cruising perherbs the Mercurial Argentine might put up a fight for a 7th Ballon'dor, Head to Head as it stands today, Messi has better odds to outlive and outshines Ronaldo.

Ronaldo most likely would retire before Messi. Messi still got a bit of time on his hands to finish preaching his Gosple. And we seem to have heard the last of the Ronaldo Sermon.

Fans seems sure to have seen every trick in Ronaldo's book but cant say of what is still to come with Messi. Bcos Messi works wonders when he pleases. He conjures magic at his time.

If you want to watch a live Miracle, just watch Messi play. Messi dazzles...

Leaving Real Madrid I believe to me was Ronaldo's worst mistake as the Galactcous club are still the biggest and most prestigious club in the world as it stands today.

Real Madrid and Barcelona if we like it or not has an agreement to Honour And Preserve all Spanish football ever stands for.

Lets Say Ballon'dor was an event held in France, but the Honours went to Spain. Barcelona and possibly Real Madrid.

Ronaldo was in Italy for an award nobody ever heard about, nobody was watching, all attention were on the Ballon'dor as if they were inaugurating the American President by presenting 6th Ballon'dor to Messi. Everywhere was electric.

Messi, very cool calm and collected level headed demi-god in his celestical. The whole world stood still.

Messi was crowned King. King of World Football.

Messi #Ballon'dor