Ronaldo, Juventus, Real Madrid and the Rest of Us.

By OMA | 18-08-2020 | Sports |  

The one and Only G.O.A.T


Dispute Managment and Conflict Resolution are the single most important qualities any leader must possess.

Florentino Perez in my Opinion Never handled the Real Madrid and Ronaldo issue as expected of me.

Since Ronaldo Left Madrid, we must confess and admit things have not been the same.

Madrid would have been more potent and deadlier and even more clinical and very Sharp with an Attacking Trio of Benzema Ronaldo and Eden Hazard.

Now Ronaldo is Nowhere with Juventus and Madrid is nowhere without Ronaldo.

Pride and Arrogance and Anger never gets us anywhere.

Think about it. Never take a decision when yoy are Mad..

I swear I Miss Ronaldo at Madrid.

My Own G.O.A.T.