Pepsi and Coca-Cola Calls Truce.

By OMA | 05-02-2019 | Sports |  

Temporary Truce .


Going by latest happenings in the United states of America and revolving around one of the most talked about and most watched sporting event in United States, The American Super Bowl has lived up to its billing and has been making headlines in the past week for all obvious reasons that got it trending all over cyber space

The Super Bowl being not just a sporting event but sports and entertainment had a whole lot of other industries ply their trade at the glamorous event.

At half time, we had Grammy winning Artist like Maroon5 perform to the cheering of the crowd.

Of note worthy tho was the official drink at the Super Bowl.

First of all, the Super Bowl held in Atalanta USA. Atalanta is the Home base of Coca-cola.

Being Headquarters to Coca-cola, it was intriguing to have Pepsi a rival company to have painted Atalanta "Blue".

Infact, one Pepsi spokesman on CNN the other day described it as a temporary Truce Between brands.

Rivalry without bitterness was the lesson from this episode. Pepsi can do business in Coca-cola Headquarters and vice-versa.

So, lets just say the Truce would last till the end of the Super Bowl.