Pele Fast supercedes Messi and Ronaldo

12-10-2020 | Sports |  

Believe in yourself when no one else does.


Today I watched a movie that moved me to tears.

I didnt know when tears rolled down my eyes till I felt them on my cheek.

Today I watched the True Life Story of Pele.

Nacimento Pele.

At that moment when no one else believes In you is the most appropriate time you needed believed in yourself the most.

All the odds were stacked against Brazil in the 1958 World cup.

Pele was just a 17 year old kid.

As a matter of fact, Pele went to that world cup with an injury that should have rulled him out.

The world cup held in Sweden.

Before then, no non-European country ever lifted the prestigious world cup.

The Trophy had never left European soil before then.

Trust Europeans. They were tactical just as they were strategic.

The Movie.. Pele "Making of the Legend" is true life story and every bit of Inspiration.

Football lovers would marvel at what a team the swedish National team was like at the time.

Sweden were fast to adapt, contain and counter any opponent. It was a startegy that had always worked for them and landed them In the finals.

Sweden could play the 4-3-2-1 Diamond Christmas-tree formation when they needed to sit back to defend a lead, and in same breath Sweden in one same match could adjust startegy as situation demanded to adapt the 3-4-3 attacking play when they needed goals and opt for 3 strikers.

Sweden had about 5 ready formations in one match.

Brazil on the other hand played traditional 4-4-2.

Brazil had flopped 1950.

Pele was just 17 in 1958 and the weight of the National team was just too heavy for a 17 year old, plus he had an injury he was nursing at the time on his knee.

Brazil managed to edge past Austria a triple A " european Nation.

Brazil played a 0-0 goalless draw with England..

Infact, Brazil qualified from South America all becos Venezuela had dropped out.

Final match against Sweden.. Stadium was filled to the brim.

His Majesty the King and Queen were there to give suppourt to Sweden.

Home Advantage was for Sweden.

All the odds were against Brazil.

As a matter of fact, Brazil were the underdogs.

Brazil had only Samba. The coach had fondled with the idea of trying to adapt strategy of play to shift from their original traditional 4-4-2 formation to mark sweden out but he eventually shelved the idea.

In the coach's own words... "I dont know if we would win, but I know we would give a beautiful display".

Brazil brought beauty to the round leather game we all love.

To cut all of the long story short, The 17 year old Nacimento popularly known as Pele scored 3 goals, a Hatrick in a world cup final to seal his place as the best that ever was and would ever be that played the round leather game.

Pele Believed in himself when no other person ever did.

Pele would forever be dear to our hearts and remain our Hero.

Rounding up, always remember this quote from Winston Churchill.

"Victory at all cost, Victory inspite of all terror, Victory however long and hard the road may be; For without Victory there is no survival.....

...Winston Churchill, May 13, 1940