Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on brinks of Sack

By OMA | 04-12-2019 | Sports |  

He dispels sack rumours over Mauricioa Pochettinho's Availability.


Truth is, Sack is looming and Ole made this fact known to the boys. It was not something to shy away from.

What he relayed to the team was that if they go two more matches without a win, he probably would be sacked and with the Availability of Pochettinho, makes it all dicey as media fuel so many speculations.

Although the Manchester United Manager doesnt believe he is under any pressure despite reports coming out this morning linking him with sack. The United Manager has said he is not worried about loosing his job despite the report that came out earlier today.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer claimed the story that emerged today were "Blatant lies"

Pressure had been mounting since after the Norweigian lead Manchester United to a 2-2 draw with Aston Villa as they enter into what media suggest as a "Crucial Period" this week set to take Jose Mourinho's Tottenham followed by Manchester City.

Senior sources in United claimed they were happy with Ole even tho the Pochettinho interest has not been denied. It is believed Ed Woodward has set new conditions for Ole's Sack.

'No it doesn't get me more concerned,' said Ole Gunnar

'I'm just focusing on my job and thats doing as well as I can, look forward to the next game and look at the long term plan things with board.

Ed woodwards, United's executive vice-chairman appointed Solskjaer before end of last season and Solskjaer insists that the pair speaks regularly and that there is a plan in place to rebuild the club.

'We speak all the time, so its not like knee-jerk suddenly now we need to talk. We speak a few times every week so it's continually progressing,' said Ole.

The plans we've put in place, the rebuilding we know we started, we made some decisions that were necessary and now of course we're not happy where we are but will continue working.

'Three days or four days arent going to change a whole lot but these two games are great chances to improve things and continue in the vein against some of the better sides. We've had some good results against good teams and we've got plan for Wednesday Night..

'We've had too many draws for my liking, defeats of course, but draws we should have turned into wins. Football is a result business.

'We're not happy and know we can do better. We are working hard, the work is always geared on us improving but we're not getting all the results we deserved'.

Ole spoke so much with a soft tone and apparently had motivated his squard and built belief in their upcoming match possibly suggesting United might come out tops on their next two rather difficult uphill encounter. Tottenham and neighbours Manchester City.