Neymar and Cuthinho, Call it Brazilian Barcelona Delima.

By OMA | 28-08-2019 | Sports |  

Brazil Greats not living up


Philippe Coutinho and Neymar are sewn from same material.

Aside the fact they are Brazilians, they are blessed with good technique and passed through the Harvard of Soccer for Brazilians.

Barcelona is a strategic club for Brazilians. Similarity in culture amongst other things see South Americans head to the Iberian peninsula to lace their Boots

The Barcelona angle......

For many a Brazilian, Barcelona holds great attraction. The list is endless. Ronaldo de Lima, Ronaldinho, Romario, Juliano Beletti, Edmilson, Sylvinho, Rivaldo, Dani Alves, Thiago Motta etc.

Neymar and Coutinho arrived Barcelona with an impressive resume. The former having secured a starting shirt with the Selecao, winning amongst other things, the Copa Libertodes with Santos.

Coutinho progressed through the ranks from Inter before blossoming in Liverpool. A fantastic footballer with eye for goals and joy in his legs.

They were not rookies, at the time they set foot in Spain, the general consensus was that they were ripe for the challenge, professional and age wise.

The twist........

They crossed the Atlantic. The episode in Barcelona would tell a different story. Neymar had better fortune even when it can be said that he would have achieved more. . He won the Liga, Champions league amongst other trophies.

Coutinho was not lucky. He never had a definite stand in the team. Though he won domestic titles but his stay was marred with inconsistency as he kept provoking questions than answers. His light literally dimmed!

Neymar obviously tired of being in Messi's shadow joined PSG. His three years there is seen as a waste.

He never really played like his Barcelona days. He was viewed as a mistake from purchase and critical professional point of view. He took himself away from reckoning for even the Balon dor.

From the angle of being seen as the successor to the petit Argentine he became disillusioned holding no hope for lofty height.

Coutinho is in Bayern Munich on loan seeking another bite at the cherry to revive his sullen career. From a career of so much promise to a professional downcast. Neymar is itching a come back to Camp Nou.

Looking at these two Brazilians the poignant question remains whether their respective sojourns outside Barcelona were a mistake?

The quick response is in the affirmative. Football also has large chunk of footballers who thrived in different habitats successfully.

It is not a bad decision to test waters elsewhere. There is no guarantee for success.

Indeed life is filled with risks, not taking a step or being contented is also risky!

The Hope is that Barcelona would cause so much havoc with this duo that startd way back together from Brazil.