Messi Mesmerises.. Makes it 6.

By OMA | 03-12-2019 | Sports |  

Six Ballon'dor and life goes on


First player ever to win 4 Golden Balls.

First player ever to win 5 Golden Balls.

Has set new precedence with another 1st ever to win 6 Ballon'dor.

France last night at the prestigious venue for the most coveted and highest football pricing event in the world. In front of guests, Fans, Family, Sports enthusiasts, Club and country representatives of footballing teams, Football Journalist. Football coaches, Team Captains, Ex Winner Luka Modric from Real Madrid Presented Messi his 6th Ballon'dor.

In the glare of the whole audience, Didier Drogba had brought out a "Messi Seat" to first eulogies the King.. King Leo Messi 10.

With 6 Ballon'dor in the cabinet for Messi, His fans still believes he would wax stronger as if to say the Best is yet to come.

Leo Messi 10 has been described in several fora as the Best there ever was and ever can be that ever played the round leather game.

His major contenders in the Category, Liverpools Vigil van dijk sitting side by side Messi but Cristiano Ronaldo was absent apparently due to the fact Results might have been compromised in the supposed leak of results before announcement.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klop had gone ahead to criticise why Vigil van dijk was not presented the Prestigious golden Ball for haven won the Champions league with Liverpool last season.

Others had different opinion as to the transparency of the awards believing Ronaldo had a better year 2019.

But Merciless Magical Messi Triumphed the Night.

Messi is King.