Lukaku ; Jose Mourinho Convinced me to Sign for Manchester United.

By OMA | 22-08-2019 | Sports |  

I came to United only Because of Jose Mourinho

Lukaku Mou

Speculations are getting rife and clear it was actually Jose Mourinho's Intervention that stopped Romelu Lukaku from joining Chelsea.

Following his shock exit from Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku has been making some shocking revelations about his former club and his strained relationships with Man-U Coach and Team.

Lukaku was quoted to always have taken the fall everytime Man United fails to perform well.

Its either Paul Pogba, Alexis or Myself.

Lukaku recalled reveled to how a late phone call from Jose Mourinho ensured that he signed for Manchester United and no his favoured Chelsea in the Summer of 2017.

Lukaku haf seemed certain to be returning to Chelsea three years after he left for Everton only for United to Whisk him to Old Traford.

Apparently it hasn't gone well after jusy 2 years of joining Manchester United and Lukaku has signed for Inter-Milan and is set for his Debut against lecce on Monday.

In what seemed to be a suprise move, lukaku the belgian international would be linking up woth Antonio Conte the Ex-Chelsea Coach in Italy.

Making this known was when he spoke on the Lightharted podcast, Lukaku recalled the circumstances that surrounded his move to Man United, who he says were determinded to sign him.

"I was gone, I was going to Chelsea, " he added

He revealed he was already looking for an apartment in London for his mum to stay in close to the Chelsea Practice facility, so he didnt have to drive too far. And then Man U came.

"They came and they told me- I was in Newyork- I get a phone call from this number and im likr, 'who's this?' Pick up, Jose Mourinho. 'Rom, how are you doing?' Im like 'Yeah, what's up, boss?'

"I'm gonna get you back, we are gonna pay £75m plus £15m in bonuses by next week, so I expect you in LA.

I felt the dud was lying, like 'I'll see you..

"Then the next thing I know, I wake up and had to go back to Everton on july 7 and july 6. I wake up in the morning and I see they've agreed the deal, so im like, 'Man! They came in hard!"