Lampard; Chelsea were Unlucky, I am a Terrible Loser.

By OMA | 15-08-2019 | Sports |  

Liverpool played below par.


Post match responses from the Chelsea Coach had Frank Lamprad on record haven said Chelsea were the 'Stronger Team' and were just mere Unlucky against Liverpool.

This was as the Chelsea Boss gave his assessment on the UEFA Super Cup after Liverpool's dramatic Penalty shootout.

Lampard Attributed Liverpools victory at the UEFA super cup to Luck.

The Reds lifted the trophy on 5-4 Penalties shoot out after the two sides had played a 2-2 draw full time plus Extra Time at the Vodafone Park in Turkey Istanbul, on Wednesday Night.

Match pondits believed liverpool played below par for long stretches, Making Chelsea had the Better of the game with a number of missed chances in the process.

Could Chelsea have been out of sight before the Penalties? Lampard responded and said : "I dont know about that because I respect liverpool.

"But Clearly for me, we were the Better Team. We had bad luck at times and bad finishing at times.

"My overall feeling is one of pride in team performance and happiness.

"I am a terrible loser. You should be. We wanted to win this game. But we were very unfortunate today.

"We were slightly unfortunate but that is what penalties is, I suppose