El-phenomenon. Lapuca Atomica. The Lionel Messi Phenomenon

By OMA | 03-12-2019 | Sports |  

Who is the Greatest of All time? Big question


Messi is in a class of his own. He is the only individual Dead and Alive today with 6 Ballon'dor. No other person. Messi is Phenomenal. Messi is not of this world. Messi works wonders, Messi performs magic he can orchestrate a Miracle from mere spectacle. Messi is very theatrical. Messi is gifted and Messi is Talented. Messi is the Best that has ever and that can ever come out of football.

Messi should be given license to write the football bible, Because Messi knows Everything about footballing. All the dynamics, for he is an Embodiment of football himself.

Its Really hard to admit it as a Ronaldo Fan.... But Messi is the Greatest of All Times.

After Messi, There is nothing else left to see.. Messi has seen it all and Done it all. Messi is unphanthomable. Nothing Stops Messi.

Not just in football alone but general humanities, Messi would go in time as one of the Greatest Human that ever lived the Earth.