Cry-Baby Neymar Dreams Messi, Suarez Reunion.

By OMA | 09-03-2018 | Sports |  

After PSG crashed out Champions League.

Cry-Baby Neymar

Reports are rife Neymar is already eyeing and courting a move back to Barcelona after only about 7 months he'd left the catalan to arrive PSG in what made his 220Million Euro sign off fee the most expensive in football history.

Reports suggests that for PSG crashing out To Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, Neymar already regrets the move and seeking a shock return to Barcelona according to spanish media

The Spanish reports suggested Neymar was in brazil recovering from a broken foot and had made contacts how he could return to Barcelona claiming Neymar admitted it was a mistake leaving Barcelona and wanting independence from Messi.

It is believed Neymar wants to use Barcelona's refusal to sign him in courting Real Madrid Move who are being speculated to be ready to pay 400 million Euro to sign the striker even tho Zinedine Zidane played it down when asked by reporters what he thought.

Zidane was reported to have commented "Neymar could play in any club because he is very good like many other players.

"Im not going to talk about a player that is not mine. On thr 400 million, they paid 220 million and when they bought me, they paid 72.

"It seemed crazy to me and 10 years later they are paying 220 million. It can be that in the next 10 years someone can pay 400 million or sooner, I dont know.

It is believed Neymar courting Barcelona could be a reason to justify his move to Real Madrid given that Barcelona are likely to reject any chance to re-sign Neymar.