Cristiano Ronaldo Reminisces on his Glorious Days at Real Madrid.

By OMA | 10-12-2019 | Sports |  

You never Value what you have till its gone.


Latest and about the Hottest football gist making the rounds now are that Cristiano Ronaldo in a side talk with some of his team mates at Juventus had disclosed to them that he regrets leaving The Spanish Giants Real Madrid.

The reports even went further to suggest that if Ronaldo probably was still in Real Madrid till date , He probably would have been better placed to wrestle this 2019 Ballon'dor with Messi..

With warning shots fired from Luka Modric directed at Ronaldo during the Ballon'dor even where Modric had opined that "It should not always ne about Winning but about Respect for the game", it is widely believed in footballing circles that The Giant Spanish Capital Outfit had rather not thrown their weight behind Ronaldo or tacitly had endorsed Messi over Ronaldo.

The Divorce between Real Madrid and Ronaldo would have been totally un necessary if the relationship had been managed properly and didnt allow matters degenerate.

Ronaldo should have lowered ego and pride to about the most influential club presidents in the world Florentino Perez..

Ronaldo should have known there was no way in the world he could ever have been greater than the club and that One tree can not make a forest.

Unlike Ronaldo, Messi has had bad times at Barcelona too, but somehow and someway, Barcelona and Messi always seem to resolve their differences...

Someone jokingly said Ronaldo left Real Madrid Spain to go and Conquer Italy. It is not about conquest but Happiness.

Home is where you find rest. Where you find comfort. Home is where your mind is at Rest.

Messi is at Home with Barcelona and Very comfortable using it to its advantage, Can we say the same with Ronaldo at Juventus?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Guess we Never Truly know the value of what we have till we lose it.

Only if My Favourite Ronaldo could Return to Madrid. Perherbs or perhaps not.

Until there are other facts contrary to what we know, Messi is on 6 and at home with Barcelona and possibly could be on his way to 7 to seal his place in History as the Undisputed Greatest Ever of All Times that ever graced the Stage.