CR7.. Nothing Beats Consistence and Persistence

ByOMA |22-05-2019 | Sports |  

Work hard. Play hard


What so ever your hands find doing, Do it well.

Nothing in the world ever beats consistence and Persistence.

Unrewarded Genius is almost a cliche these days but once you are consistent and persistent and refuse to give up, you are a Success.

Believe is also very important, But what is believe withouth keeping up the faith.

I am a rap enthusiast. I follow rap artist to the core and one of my favourite rap artist Young Jezzy I will quote here.

"I work so hard my Assistants need assistance, my only work is to be consistent and persistent. Im getting to the door I can tell and im just waiting on the day that the Glory Prevails."

Keep believing. Keep keeing on. Keep working hard.

Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.

To the Story for the day.

My main sports man Cristiano Ronaldo posted a picture of himself with his mum and tagged it "Then vs Now"..

Need I remind you Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded most valuable player in Seria A 2018/2019 Sesson scoring 22goals.

Ronaldo's write up was so amazing tho.

"My Mother has brought me up by sacrificing her life for me. She would sleep hungry at night but made sure that I had something to eat. We had no money and she worked 7days a week to make me good enough to become a footballer. I dedicate all my success to her."

So so touching.

Ronaldo has been so Relentless, so consistent and persistent.

Made it in Lisbon Portugal. Made it in Manchester united England. Made it biggest in Real Madrid Spain. Still Making it In Juventus Italy.

Now.. for what most of you all have been waiting for.

Ronaldo and Messi, who is Better. Who is the G.O.A.T.

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