Chelsea Vs Bayern Munich Predictions and Forecast.

By OMA | 17-12-2019 | Sports |  

Only the Best Teams progress in the league of champions, it is hardly ever about luck or accidents but hard work.. but this is football and absolutly anything can happen


Group Stages are over, better teams emerged for the knock out stage already and then in no time the Quater finals of the most prestigious event in Club world football would be upon us.

This article would take a dive into suggesting or forecasting or predicting possible teams that would be knocked out and Teams 8 teams that would make it to the Quater finals either by their having it as a right or by dint of hardwork.

Whatever the case might be, some faces are considered Regular suspects while some teams would not just be good enough to sit at the round table of last 8 best standing teams in Europe.

Current form, being favourites, clubs tradition and so many factors would be implored in this supposed expert analysis.

One fact is certain in football that no matter the technicals and fundamentals used to forcast, there is that unwavering fact that Always suggest "This is footbal and Absolutely anything can happen".

Pundits are already reacting particularly to the Chelsea draw, where the Stamford Bridge Faithfulls has been draw to test their efficiency against a properly oiled German Machines in Bayern Munich..

Lately, English press tried to be funny with BBC ascribing lieceister City's Jamie Vardy as about the Best Striker in Europe. .

Bayern Munich Twitter handle in a swift reaction had rebuffed the almighty British Broadcasting Corporation to be silent and check out Robert lewandoski's stats... immediately, BBC didnt make no further fuse of the matter as it was the matter was laid to Rest.

Robert Lewandoski.. that guy, he never forgives.. Frank Lampard playing his best squad starting Tammy Abraham.. head to head, goals, experience, technique, conversation rate, strenght, agility, however you look at it, the Munich Attack is a better Attack than the Best Chelsea could ever front.

Current form, Bayern has grown compact and invincible, the Germans did not Forgive Tottenham that Jose Mourinhon had to ban all of his team never to watch highlights from the mauling probably for psychological reasons. The German Machine is properly oiled and Perceived favourite In this draw..

This Morning, Juan Mata had revealed beautiful stories of what happened in 2012 when Chelsea won the Champions league. Chelsea are not underdogs but shoe get size..

Juan Mata had painted vivid pictures of 2012, if I was Tammy Abrahams I would reinvoke the Didier Drogba Spirits to relive those glory 2012 moment. Chelsea has tasted glory and knows what it feels like and I am certain they will Fight, it would be a fight to finish. It would be a fight to the death, it worse still a 2 legged encounter.

If its for Fight, Chelsea would give a good fight but the share Resilience of the Germans and the efficiency in their system and their overall work ethics is what I suppose and Predict Chelsea would fall to.

Its is really a sad one, I would have loved to see Chelsea at the Quater finals but I dont think it can happen at the expense of Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich not even after what they did to Tottenham, a complete demolition to send a reverberating message to All of Europe.

There are 4 English Teams, if chelsea doesnt progress to Quater finals the world would not come to an end, its a matter of better luck next time..

Bournemouth exposed a lot of weakness of the Frank Lampards side and the Germans are watching....

Based on Current Squad form and any empirical available ranking, Bayern are the Favourites but Chelsea is not forbidden.

To cut the long story short, it was a hard prediction to come by, over the 2 legs, I see Bayern Munich Edging Chelsea whatever and come what may to the Quater finals.

Chelsea vs Bayern Munich.

Safest bet and Surest bet is Bayern to Qualify.

The odds are stacked against Chelsea, it would be a real uphill task for chelsea to upstage Bayern munich at this stage of the competition if we were to be frank and factual with ourselves.

Chelsea fans must Pardon my Decision when I tip Bayern Munich to Progress, Frank Lampard possibly might prove me wrong come Febuary 2020.

But till then, Place your bet on Bayern Munich to Qualify from this draw.. Safe Bet. Risk Free Sure bet..

Ndi Chelsea abeg make una no vex.