Arsenal/Chelsea Match. Under Pressure Morata Admits Fault

ByOMA |04-01-2018 | Sports |  

Morata had been trending on twitter all day.


From Crespo to Torres to Diego Costa and Now Morata.. No out and out striker has been able to fit into the Chelsea attack asides Drogba.

Anybody that had watched that Arsenal vs Chelsea match would easily see why Chelsea coach was furious at Alvaro Morata for missing numerous chances and people woke up today with Morata all in their tweets and hence got Morata trending for wrong reasons.

One twitter user suggested and I quote "If Morata were on a plane he would still miss the flight".

Savage.. epic if you ask my opinion

Well.. worthy of note is that morata has agreed to improve his work rate in a tweet he posted earlier today.

Image credit : tweeter feeds.