Anthony Joshua got £20m in defeat while Andy Ruiz go £5m in Victory

By OMA | 02-06-2019 | Sports |  

Was there a probability of Match-Fixing

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Fresh facts have emerged on the yet to settle dust from the shock Defeat Anthony Joshua suffered in the hands of Andy Ruiz just the other day 1st June 2019 at Madison Square Gardens Newyork.

Could anything have gone astray. Is there anything fishy?

Could book-makers be making a mockry of us all?

How then could it be that get to report on their twitter handle claiming Anthony Joshua got £20 for losing while Andy Ruiz got £5m for winning.

This left online users speculating to the possibility of Match-fixing claiming Anthony Joshua wouldnt have gone down that easily in the 7th round of the match.

Ruiz took home all the 3 belts belonging to Joshua but Joshua made 4 times the money Ruiz made. Ironical

Here are some of the Reactions to @MobilePunch on twitter

One Akan C. E @akaneb replied @mobilePunch thus :

@mobilePunch You didn't add what he got from bookies for 'Losing'. That match was so fixed.

Mixed reactions continue to trail the shock defeat at Madison Square Garden.

Oma reporting for sports desk.