3 Wins from 3 Games ; Mourinho is Back to Premiership Football

By OMA | 02-12-2019 | Sports |  

Pundits are asking how long he can keep this


Following an abysmal form in recent times, Tottenham that had ascended the heights of haven played in the Champions League finals last season had descended so low to not winning a single game in 8 staright matches before the managment of the club decided to call it quit with Pochettinho.

The Result was clear and concise, Sack the then Head Coach Mauricio Pochettinho.

Sacking Pochettinho by Tottenham managment paved way for Jose Mourinho who said he was delighted by the squad of the Team and the young players in the Academy making that the reason he accepted the Tottenham top job.

Mourinho has started a new lease of life at his new job and once again has given the fans delightful spectacle to cheer for.

Confidence is gradually returning to the club as the club has played 3 matches since Mourinho took over and has won all three matches and it leaves pundits asking if this form has come to stay or just share beginners luck.

One thing is certain tho, Jose Mourinho has won laurels and medals at every single club he has coached right from his coaching career at Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea FC and now it is left to see if the special one would bring the special effect to Tottenham FC.

At the moment that would need something sort of a miracle more than just special to pull any major stunt this season with Tottenham this season.

You never can tell, the Champions league is still wide opened and Mourinho might once again show why he is the prefered special one..

Maybe or maybe not.

Mourinho has brought his enthusiasm to Tottenham after he recognised and invited to lunch a certain Ball Boy Callum who Mourinho praised for reading the tempo of the game, handed the ball quickly to his team and it lead to Tottenham scoring a goal.

All of these kept football pundits and analyst questioning if this is a romance that would last or be cut short as Mourinho has never exceeded 3 Seasons in any club.

Could Tottenham be in for a reversed fortune?

Only Time would Tell.