Your Chest na Complete Flat Tyre. Anto Lecky Gets a Rude shock from a Body Shamer.

By OMA | 07-06-2019 | Showbiz |  

Lets stop body shaming.


It would be pretty difficult to forget Antolecky who got involved with Lolu in the last Edition of BigBrotherNaija Double Wahala.

Well, the latest gist milling about town and in cyber space is one od her uploading some recent photo shots of her on her instagram page.

OMG! She never saw it coming. Trolls upon trolls.

Savage Trolls upon savage troll.

One of the most outstanding troll from one of her follower tho was just too savage.

"Nawa ooo! This Your Chest na Complete Flat Tyre".

That was really crazy and so sick..

Infact one other person replied to her picture.

"Anthony Joshua Breast pass your own" .

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