Wizkid Must be careful with his Tiwa Savage Rumoured Romance.

By OMA | 22-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

When its going good its going great.


Its an age long saying....

"What Goes Around Comes Around".

When things are going good they are usually going great but when it takes a turn for the worse it nose-dives.

Wizkid has a thousand and one reasons to be very careful about his rumored romance with Tiwa savage.

Most recently Wizkid and Tiwa Savage were spotted at the listening party of Patoranking's 'Wilmot' Album.

Talking of Patoranking.. jeeez meh ! Any beat he touches turns to gold and im more than happy for him.

Going back to wizkid. When stuffs like this are going good, they are going great but when it backfires, bet me. The centre will never Hold.

Wizkid must remember that Tee-Billz was in the game even before he dreamt of coming into the entertainment industry.

Wizkid must remember their origin and root. Surulere-Ojuelegba dudes they both are.

Women.. you must be real careful when it comes to women and matters of the heart.

Wizkif might think its all good with Tee-Billz but would be suprised the way he would turn out to pay him back in his own coin.

After all. One good turn deserves another and so does a bad turn.

I cant imagine a woman granting a 45minutes interview to the press defaming her enstranged husband and saying all sorts of derogatory things about Tee-Billz.

Are you saying Wizkid is not guilty of most of the things Tiwa Savage accused Tee-Billz of in that her 45 minutes rants that is never going to go away from google search?

Remember Tiwa in a bid to justify herself had crucified Tee-Billz and accused him of all sorts including "Edible Catering", Using drugs and so many other things she never should have said.

Whats food for the gender is also good for the goose as they say.

If it is going good for Wizkid and Tiwa Savage at the moment, Wizkid should remember it had gone good for Tee-Billz and Tiwa some times in the not too distant past and hence must be very careful cos women mouth and razor blade no difference..

A word they say is enough for the wise.

If Wizzy my man is wise he must play it smart and know Tee-Billz is still ahead of him in the game cos even tho they come from the same place, money and fame and woman can cause katakata ooo..