Where Fashion, Stardom and Descency should meet... A Tiwa Savage Case.

By OMA | 04-01-2018 | Showbiz |  

Inappropriatness and indecency are not norms tolerated in our society


Yes she is a celebrity, Yes she has to look good all bla bla bla and bla. But where should stardom fashion and decency meet?

There are some sociocultural norms that have guided our society since time immemorial and believe me, no matter how westernised we become by the day some acts would always always be frowned at.

Is this how you intend to model younger girls coming after you? Being a wife and a mother you allow such pictures of you trend on social media to me is sad.

This is someone who'd been in the news not too long ago having troubles with her marriage

As a married celebrity I should think there is a clear divide between Home and work and non to ever overshadow the other.

To me, a situation where you make your work overshadow your marriage and home is unwarranted and uncalled for coming with a background knowledge at a point your husband went suicidal apparently driven by you...

Lets face it, Even Beyonce wont be caught offside in such manner owing that she is married just as you are and a mother like you.

Beyonce manages to juggle all of these while remaining scandal free. If this photo of Tiwa Savage trending online is anything to go by, then she really needs to give it a rethink.

Mama Jamil, for Jamil's sake, Please live up to our expectations.

Concerned fan.