Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky. Facts, Rumors and Permutations.

By OMA | 24-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

For real or gimmicks


We must be very careful not to get ahead of ourselves on this pertinent issue in the Entertainment industry.

We must consider all the facts, rumours and do some possible permutations to know if for a truth these guys are serious or they are just taking us on a ride.

As it seems at the moment. This looks purely entertaining.

For Bobrisky, He/She might be furthering her/his trade and promoting her/his brand.

For Tonto Dikeh, she might still be nursing her pains from her crashed union with olakunle Churchill.

So many permutation. So many twist and turns cos its difficult to believe this is true love between the seeming love birds.

In broad day light at the occassion of her 33rd birthday Tonto Dikeh was seen glaringly kissing Bobrisky and it got people yapping.

How else can you explain bobrisky professing love for Tonto Dikeh.

Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky the Nigerian Cross dresser had revealed he loved Tonto Dikeh the popular Nollywood actress and not just that he loves her but he loves her to a fault and can even kill for her. Jeeeezzz.

Going further, Tonto Dikeh says she is in a New relationship only for a photoshoped photo of herself and Bobrisky to come online to get online enthusiast yapping..

In all of these, it still seems Tonto Dikeh has not gotten over her ex husband Olakunle Churchill as she never ceases to throw a jibe at him any time the oppourtunity presents itself.

Tonto is on record to have said she wouldnt be spending her money if she were to marry Bobrisky with people reading meaning she spent all the money to have Churchill marry her.

We must thread with caution on this delicate issue as Facts and rumours meddle up.