The Vanity in the #10YearChallenge

By OMA | 15-01-2019 | Showbiz |  

10 years to show off or to Reminisce


Who ever brought the idea of that trending 10 year challenge perhaps should just have gone a step further with his creativity cos all I saw was vanity.

How do you begin to explain especially when all of our celebrities ceased the moment to show off uncharitable characteristics.

Shamelessly ooo! You would see someone 10 years ago that was visibly and audibly dark in complexion all of a sudden has turned fair like snow white.

Bleaching experts. Bleaching cream must have sold in the last ten years of your life.

You see ugly Bobrisky today how cute he was 10 years ago as a level headed boy whom apparently had missed the right turn on his journey to life to become a girl.

You see people who were slim 10 years ago only to have grown fat and ugly and out of shape and instead of them to think where they went wrong or where they can make amends they throw their dirty linen in cyber space all over social media. Jeez! I cant deal.

How about a challenge on how you have impacted the immediate environment around you?

How about a challenge on how the society has become a better place cos of your activities in the last 10 years.

How about a 10 year challenge of your bank account?

So disgusting you would see single ladies that has grown out of shape owing to indiscriminate sex still flaunting their ugly bodies and throwing it in our faces.

How about Eniola Badmus. 10 years ago as round as a ball. 10 years later still fat like kilode. Cant you challenge yourself to exercise and diet and stuffs.

Check out Peter of P-Square, Fresh cream dude claiming he looked like Usher.

Don Jazzy, omo nna that came to lagos to hustle, choping artist under his marvin record label has grown so fat. Nawa..

Let it be known the 10 year challenge didn't freak all us out.

As for people with dark skins 10 years ago, Toke Makinwa them and co, Hope your skins dont fall off 10 years coming.

As for the fat orobo's. We pray you find a better challenge 10 years coming to eat less, exercise and work out more. Obesity is real oo.

OMA cares thats why all these has been put here on for you to have a rethink.