Star-Boy Wizkid gets new pet kid.

By OMA | 02-03-2018 | Showbiz |  

Is the goat kid wiz too

WizKids New pet kid.

Popular Nigerian sensational artist that needed no formal introduction has hit the limelight again.

This time he was not performing 9n stage nor did he release a new song but his new kid pet has gotten the internet yapping.

Wizkid posted a new picture of his new pet and asked fans for their opinion on a possible name for his new kid pet.

Popular opinion should have believed since the kid belongs to wiz, it should have been named Wizkid. .

Yes, you read right.

Star-goat or wizkid as the name of his new pet may imply, we hope it doesn't go down in a pot of pepper soup in say 9 months time.

This was the photo wizkid shared on his twitter handle and captioned it. "Welcome to the family. Help me with names".