So Sad. Cardi B berates Nigeria's Electricity Condition

By OMA | 06-12-2019 | Showbiz |  

Electricity is a modern day necessity


We are approaching year 2020 as a Nation and we really have to hold our government to account on basis of simple basic fundamental social amenities.

Electricity should not be a luxury for a select few or highest bidders or those that can afford generators. Electricity should be a basic human accessible right.

Nigeria has once again been shamed by her Electricity situation by an International super star and it calls for concern.

Cardi B is reported to be in Nigeria for the Livespot X Festival in Lagos on the 7th of December.

It is the rapper’s first time performing in Nigeria and Ghana. And so it was surprising to her to discover a nation can be without constant electricity supply and so she took to social media to vent her disdain.

To me its a slap on the face and a wake up call for Nigeria and African continent as a whole.

It is sad that one of the first thing the American Super star took note of was the poor state of Electricity in the country and she took to social media to register her displeasure

She wrote on her handle ;

“We are in the mother f#king Nigeria, no light, this sht looks the Dominican Repubic"