See a German Shepherd Dog Giving Birth to 6 Puppies.

By OMA | 24-06-2020 | Showbiz |  

Dogs are Man's best friend


This is just a bonus video of the first night my German Shepherd Dog gave birth to 6 Puppies.

The real idea is that im starting out a Series on my YouTube channel to bring you constant Dog training techniques.

"Keeping up with LordBidogs Dog Army"..

Season One Would Premier this Friday.

Promises to be very exciting, entertaining, Educative, Funny too and lastly done for the love of Dogs..

So sit tight... Dog Lovers are in for a Ride..

I am Dead Sure you all want to catch a glimpse of this short video about 1st Night my German Shepherd Dog gave birth to 6 baby puppies. OMG.. Amazing. Breath taking.

Watch.. subscribe and wait for more..

For those that wished us well during our Naming Ceremony.. we dont take you for granted in any way and we say a Big Thank you.

Raven(Chu-chu) Collier (War-Daddy), Grady (Coon-Ass), Trini (Gordo), Boyd (Byble), Ellison (Machine)... Fighting-Fucking-Drinking Machine and the Entire Batallion of the LordBidogs Dog Army sends their love..