Reno Omokiri, Rahama Indimi and Femi Otedola's 5Billion Donation

By OMA | 12-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Reno would never mind his business


News had filtered around how Femi Otedola had dolled out a whooping 5 Billion Naira to the Humanitarian agency his daughter Florence Otedola DJCuppy works for.

"Save the Children" Nigeria a Non Governmental and Non Profit organisation got the 5 Billion Naira donation from Femi Otedola for the sole purpose of helping and rendering humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced people of the North Eastern part of Nigeria as a result of the Insurgency and Boko Haram activities.

Reno Omokiri as usual with busy body in his reaction to the Femi Otedola's donation had steped on toes and ruffled feathers unknowingly when he decided to call out Billionaires from the North East of Nigeria, specifically calling the Name "Indimi".

Rahama Indimi daughter to Northern Billionaire Alhaji Indimi In her reaction said Reno was not worthy of her response but affirmed she had to do it, so Reno doesn't continue to lead the public astray on developments her family is bringing to the north east region amongst which had earned her family international recognition from the United Nations and would rather prefer to work in silence than advertise their good deeds.

"Allah ya isa" was all Rahama felt was due to Reno.

Reno has since not responded on this issue as at time of reporting.

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