Oscar's Award Questions Nigeria's Identity

By OMA | 05-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

What is Nigerians Language?


The Organisers of the Oscar's Academy Award seem to have thrown a larger societal question by asking what language Nigerians Speak.

For Any movie outside of American Movie to be considered for an Oscar, it should have been above 40minutes in the National dilect outside of English.

LionHeart by Genevieve got loudest Ovation haven been nominated to be considered for an Oscar Award but the movie Spoke only about 12minutes in Igbo Language while over 96minutes was in English Language.

Well, Organisers of Oscar's award disqualified the movie November 4th 2019 on grounds that English was predominantly spoken in the Genevieve Nnaji's Movie.

It sure left a sour taste in her mouth, and in her reaction and in what seems to be her trying to jusfify reason why it was so, Genevieve said, Nigerians speaks over 500 plus languages and English remains the only official language nigerians use to cut across to each other.

Monitoring a tweet from Senator Shehu Sani. He has said reasons given by the organisers for disqualifying its entry was lame and underscored how much these western cultures understand the African Society.

The Total Considerations drops from 93 to 92 now With the disqualification of LionHeart from the Nominations considered for the award.