Oni of Ife Blesses Davido.

By OMA | 07-07-2018 | Showbiz |  

Preserving Yoruba Culture

Davido and Oni

Apparently and for so many obvious reasons this had to be my picture of the week.

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words and I would seek to explain as many as a thousand words I see this picture portrait portraying.

For all reasons and some reasons this part9cular picture strikes me.. I mean, this is a highly rated 1st class Oni respected at home and abroad, well read, Educated, exposed, informed and upto date with modern day trends but yet knows deeply the importance and relevance of Culture.

Davido on the other hand is a highly celebrated world renouned A-list Artist.

you know what strikes me? Come on mehn! The boy spoted a Camo top Ptostrated for to Greet the Oni in a show of a well brought up properly bred, well mannered Yoruba Boy.

Protrating to the Oni and Sitting at hos feet, oh my God! What a Gesture. ...

Reminds me of some IPOB Youths Prostrating for the Brigand Nnamdi Kanu. Illegitimate Authority... Some grown up boofoons prostrate to greet a criminal.. if only they knew whom to prostrate to and the very esscence.

This is a real vital lesson IPOB youths can learn from their southern brothers across the Niger.

Davido.. Cream Fresh Boy.. had that Star chain on his neck like he was the Star Boy.. of course not to take anything away from wizkid but for all obvious reasons Davido is the man of the moment...

Just last week he was all over the News he had won a major international award.

the other day I saw him on tv with Dj Khalid. The boy reping and keeping it real..

then here he is with the Very Oni..

Did I forget to inform you he paid a courtesy visit to the Oni in company of his "Assurance".. Chioma.

Jeezzz.. everything is working for Davido at the moment and he doest even seem like he is about to slow down or showing any form of fatigue not after receiving the Oni's Blessing.

This is why I chose this pix as my picture for the week. 2 stars crossed path. History would Always remember this.

Ride on Davido Ride on...