No Bra, No Panties as Toke Makinwa Slays

By OMA | 11-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Nudity sells.


Toke Makinwa has caused so much stares and got tongues wiggling as she posted a sultry picture of herself in a No Bra, No panties, sending imaginations wild.

The Celebrity had sparked internet frenzy when her picture hit the social media space in what was later discovered truly that she had no panties nor Bra.

Simply put. No under-wears.

So many comments you will expect as encomiums kept pouring in from her fan base.

Trust lustful men. This was so so captivating to them with one online user wishing he could get a taste or slice from the "Juicy cake".

Mekenz.. one Nairaland user commented "Mama no wan old"

Apparently referring to our own dear Toke Makinwa. A seasoned media personality and actresse.

YungMillionaire on Nairaland commented thus.

"She looks like a bleached Squirrel"

Nothing Akpos no go see for gate..