National Youth Corper Proposes to Nigerian Soldier In Eboyin Camp

By OMA | 15-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Gowon legacy


Nigerians will not forget in such a hurry the General Yakubu Gowon era when the National Youth Service Corp was established to foster National integration for Stability, Peace and National Unity.

The NYSC is a scheme that see's Nigerian graduates embarking on a 1 full calender year compulsory Youth Service to Father land.

Many Commentators have argued the scheme has out lived its usefulness but every year and in every batch, there are always always new intrigues from the NYSC.

This Year, it was on record that 2 female members of the NYSC refused to put on the regular trousers and opted for skirts and that sent reverberations all over social media space.

Yet another intrigue coming from the Ebonyi state Camp of the NYSC are reports of a certain Male NYSC member proposing to a female Nigerian Soldier drafted to tbe Camp in a space of just under 3 weeks.

These pictures have been making the rounds online and we thought ot wise to bring this take to your attention.