More Trouble Trails Regina Daniels as her Biological father speaks out.

By OMA | 28-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

Not all that gliter is Gold.


Media has been buzzing with Regina Daniel stories of late since her Marriage to Billionaire Ned Nwoko.

From gossips to gist to hear-say and all have you. Our favourite pretty Eccentric Nollywood actress hit more lime light from her Induction into Womanhood which so many people termed as rituals and got tongues wagging to her Children's Day Canival she held in Delta State that had reports of People fainting just because they sort to take a photo shot with some of the celebrities present at Regina's Event in Delta state.

The latest round of reports however is of grave concern as her supposed biological Father has been reported to have spoken ill about her Marriage to Ned Nwoko and The Induction/Initiation.

Her supposed father had claimed he was not aware of the marriage and did not give his concent, claiming that Regina's Mother was threading a dangerous path and hoped she retraced her steps.

He debunked speculations Regina was from Olor, claiming she is from Ogwasi uku.

He even went as far as revealing he had shared a compound with Ned Nwoko sometimes in the past at Awoyokun street, Onikpan Lagos..

He claimed he was Alive and not dead as porported and that Regina's Mum kept pushing him to the wall.

The last has not been heard about this ever unfolding drama.