Money doesn't cure Poverty of the Mind. A case of Linda Ikeji and Co.

By OMA | 04-01-2019 | Showbiz |  

Real Wealthy People are too busy for showoff


Mark Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $54Billion American Dollars in Networth Estimate.

Floyd Mayweather is worth far less. Not even up to a billion but around $600 million Dollars.

I have drawn those example of 2 famous and wealthy people but would highlight their differences.

While Mark lives a quiet and almost invinsible lifestyle, the reverse is the case with people like Floyd.

Truthfully. Big dogs dont bark.

I was reading one article on facebook written by one "Tosin Ayo". It was titled : The #PepperDemGang Mentality.

True wealth is not to Oppress or Impress anybody..

Display of Fancy cars, Cash, blings, diamonds and all sorts on social media to me is a sign of people suffering from poverty of the mind tho they be with money, yet they are chained in abject poverty of the mind..

People should be encouraged to run their own race and wish others well. Why does Davido have to reinforce he is OBO omo babaolowo when we all know how wealthy he brags to be. Why lie about owning a private jet.

Why does Wizkid have to brag about owning an expensive apartment in Lekki when in real sense he rented it and linda ikeji got blogging with how he couldnt even renew the rent.

Why would linda ikeji with all her fame and fortune buy a car worth 108 million naira for her innocent son who's paternity is still under scrutiny, then post it all over social Media. A nice car is a nice car. Flaunting it up and down and placing the price tag on it so we know exactly how much you bought it is this poverty of the mind thing we are talking about..

You find out most of these people's lifestyle isnt any different from Internet fraudstars and Yahoo boys whom take selfies in shopping malls just to gain validation they have arrived from ordinary everyday folks.

There is too much hasty desire to announce the arrival of success. It is about the delight they enjoy in humiliating and oppressing others and set them up for Depression.

Not everything on social media is real ooo. Becareful..

Truth is there is difference between being Rich and being wealthy.

Real wealth shows without flaunting. It is average rich people that subscribes to the 'if you got it you flaunt it mentality'.

You dont need to flaunt wealth. It shows all by it self..

True poverty is showing a greed of insufficiency inspite of money.

You can take the pigs out from the gutters but you can never take the gutters out from the pig.

Some people can be taken out of poverty but poverty can NEVER be taken out from them. Money miss road people. Them Linda Ikeji kind'a people.

Only coins makes noise. Real cash is noiseless.

The long and short I took away from Tosin Ayo's article was to be a Mark Zuckerberg and Not a Floyd Mayweather.

Oma Cautioning you already in 2019 for