Meet father and Son

By OMA | 11-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Insanity is curable

Son n Dad.jpeg

This above picture has sparked outrage online with diverse commentators commenting differently.

This is a picture of a young man and the not too good looking man standing by his side seems to be his father as suggested from the caption.

Some obsevers were of the opinion that rather than him snapping with his supposed dad and posting such photo on social media, he should probably have taken his dad to a mental facility where he could be looked after.

Others praised him saying not many his age would summon courage to embrace their dad being that he needs psychiatric attention.

The picture has been trending online in days now and the media will not be left without its own say.

Mental insanity is curable if properly diagnosed and treated in accredited mental facilities.

We hope and pray the boy thinks in line of helping his dad regain his sanity rather than just pose in a picture and share it all over social media.