Marriage in a Marriage. A tonto dike report on he ex-husband.

By OMA | 21-02-2018 | Showbiz |  

My ex husband was married to another woman while he was married to me. Tonto dike.


Celebrity Nigerian Nollywood actress and mother of One has revealed in an interview she granted Saturday Sun that her ex-Husband Churchill was married to another woman at the same time he was married to her.

During the interview, she was asked if she still keeps touch with Churchill or allows him have a role in the upbringing of their son.

Her reply was that, they had just ended a court case over child custody and she wouldnt be willing to talk about the details.

These were Tonto Dike's exact words.

“Recently, we just ended a court case which I did not publicise because I respect my son so much, anything that concerns my son I try as much as possible to keep it on the wraps. We just finished a custody battle case and a child support case.

“If you want to talk about me and my ex-husband that’s different but I will not even glorify that because he’s eating off my energy and my stardom and I don’t want that anymore. I don’t even think I was ever married because he was married to someone else while I was married to him,” she said.

Even tho they are apart, Tonto Dike had last week taken a photo with Churchill at their son's school on the occassion of their son's birthday in company of other parents at the school to keep the face for their son.