Linda Ikeji's Son faces Paternity Crisis.

By OMA | 25-12-2018 | Showbiz |  

Running battle


We all know of the running and never ending battle between Madam kemi Olunloye and Linda Ikeji.

Infact, in some quotas they have been described as cat and dog.

Linda Ikeji being a very successful blogger and madam Kemi in her own right a successful investigative journalist / Gossip peddler.

Being that both ladies are in the same line of business you would have thought they would be cool with themselves but the reverse is the case as we have it.

From allegations of Sperm theft, to surrogacy, to never ever being truly pregnant, there is no allegation madam Kemi has not levelled against Linda Ikeji the blogging giant brand.

However something as serious as her latest accusation shouldnt be swept under the carpet or attended to with a mere wave of hand as so many people are involved this time around unlike when it was strictly between Madam kemi and linda.

This time, we have Linda's enstranged Baby Daddy Tsolaye Jeremy, A 28 year old lover boy (Name not mentioned) resident in the United Kingdom, Baby Jayce and Linda.

The story is that Madam Kemi claimed to have gotten from informed sources Tsholaye Jeremy claimed not to be father to Jayce Jeremy, Linda Ikeji's Son.

Madam Kemi had called Linda out to come confirm or deny she didnt just steal Sperm but had affair with a 28 year old boy in the UK whom she showers with expensive gift items.

Remember also this is the Same Linda Ikeji that had preached all her life against pre marital sex, fornication and all sort and most of all bashing Baby Mamas ending up a Baby Mama herself enmeshed in so much issues.

For Jayce's sake. The kid is way too young to start a life filled with crisis..

Linda should come out to debunk this or settle her beefs with Madam Kemi once and for all.

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