Linda Ikeji refuses to Breast Feed.

By OMA | 14-11-2018 | Showbiz |  

To avoid her brest from Sagging

linda ikeji

Reports reaching our Celebrity News desk has suggested that the super star celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has refused to breast feed her new born baby.

Fans and followers of the Blogger had been agog with all sort of stories surrounding her mysterious husband to her near immaculate conception and the shruded secrecy that surounded her Pregnancy to delivery.

Recall that Madam kemi Olunloye had alleged that Linda was never truly pregnant but only wore a prostetic pregnancy that could have been purchased in the market for around $400.

At the time she was believed to have delivered of her baby, madam kemi also insinuated that it was all a fassag alleging that Linda was never truly in any Hospital in the United states of America but was all doctored to make her fans believe otherwise.

Latest report now is that an employee of linda Ikeji's organization who pleaded for anonymity revelead that

"Madam comes to work, but we dont see her with any baby".

Quizzed further, she asked not to be named and revealed

"Someone we dont see with a baby, how then can I answer the question if she breast feeds".

Another employee shipishly said.

"Rumors be say, Madam no wan breast feed her new pikin, make her breast for no fall"..

One cleaner named Suzan in her organisation was quoted to have divulged to our reporter such details.

Some fans were worried and even asked she atleast post a picture of her new baby.

This is not the last tho, as more would be divulged in the coming days.