Linda Ikeji finally gets Engaged.

By OMA | 30-03-2018 | Showbiz |  

After the long wait in spinsterhood.


Popular Nigerian celebrity blogger and owner of Linda ikejis blog dot come has been trending all over social media with speculations being rife of her possible engagement to her one time boyfriend whom they were reported to have dated themselves for a while and broke up the relationship.

Different reports were of converging opinion the ex-boyfriend had relocated abroad and left Linda behind to pursue her blogging ambitions.

Recent developments suggested the ex-boyfriend got back into the country, warmed his way back to Linda's heart and had them pick up the peices from where they left it at to furge ahead.

Online users had been curious all along to know whom this "Supposed Ex-boyfriend" of linda is.

Rumours linking linda to Don Jazzy and Dan Forster is also making tue rounds and people should just learn to mind their business while we all keep our fingers crossed and hope to hear from the horses mouth soonest.