Hungry Blogger Blessing Okoro Playing the Suicide Card to get Fame.

By OMA | 31-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

Hungry blogger on the loose.


Can't Nigerian Youths be creative and innovative.

This Blessing Okoro girl is rather becoming un-becoming.

This is another fame seeking, hungry blogger and a Linda Ikeji wanna-be that would go to any length to make up stories just for the money.

Money should not be "Everything" but in our world of today, our Youths have thrown caution to the wind.

Decency, Decorum, Serenity seems to have eluded this fame seeking blogger set on the loose.

So, After she got busted for claiming to be whom she is not and laying claims to possessions that dont belong to her and can never aquire in a hundred years to come, we would have thought she would have some aombre reflections and turn a new leaf for the better instead she go apt in perfecting her gimmicks.

The latest from her was a video of her lamenting. All of it didn't catch my attention but what struck me was the fact she was playing with something as grievous as "Sucide".

This is not a joking matter at all.

Lets face it. Rate of people with suicidal tendencies had risen in the past one year or there about owing majorly to social-media oppression.

Person wey wan kill hinsef no dey announce na.

Why Blessing okoro go make Video post am dey talk say she wan kill her self.

Who send am message?

If na rough play, make she stop am ooo.

We have real issues to attend to. We have people suffering from suicidal tendencies to help prevent them from taking their own life's.

Blessing Okoro is one joke taken too far. She must curtail her excesses as Suicide is such a pertinent issue and not one to be toyed with.

OMA Writing for Showbiz section