German Shepherd Dog Births 5 Puppies.

By OMA | 22-06-2020 | Showbiz |  

Today is their Naming Ceremony


Today makes it Exactly One week my German Shepherd Dog littered (Gave Birth) to 6 Puppies.

Unfortunately and to a superior will, One of the Puppies died at birth (Still-Birth) and I had to Bury it and Prayed to God that was the last thing I was ever going to Bury with me hands..

Going forward and left with 5 remaining puppies. .

Today being exactly one week, im engaging them and baptising them and ready to Christian them.

Long and Short, Today is their Naming Ceremony.

Let me first state that All of them with no exception MUST Enlist in my Army..

I am their Lord and Master.. Lord-Bidogs

The first Puppy which happened to be the Biggest would have the Rank of A Sergent..

The Name would be Collier.

Sgt. Don Collier.

Sgt. Don Collier would be Nick-Named "War-Daddy".

So the 1st and Biggest goes by the name.

Sgt. Don Collier A.K.A War-Daddy.

The 2.i.c Second in command to The Don would be Named "Grady" with a rank of a Lance-Coporal.

Coporal Grady's Nick-Name would be "Coon"...

When you want Coon Excited, just call him "Coon-Ass"..

Lance-Coporal Grady A.K.A Coon-Ass.

Then the 3rd Puppy would be named "Trini".

The 3rd puppy would have Same rank as the 2nd puppy.. Lance-Coporal.

Lance Coporal Trini would be Nick-Named "Gordo". When you want Gordo Excited, Just hail him Gordo-Koko-Trini and she would wag her tail..

Then the 4th Puppy. The 4th Puppy is the laziest and most timid..

The 4th Puppy anyways would still be a Lance-Coporal and must enlist in my Army and I will train her never to be timid.

The 4th Puppy shall be named "Boyd".

Lance-Coporal Boyd..

Boyds Nick-Name shall be "Byble"..

Lance-Coporal Boyd A.K.A Byble.

Then the last and certainly not the least.. My Most Favourite. Black all thru in Colour. Youngest. Was really hard hit but survived against all odd.

The 5th and last puppy would still enlist in my Army but would Not be commissioned.

The 5th Puppy would be a non-combatant Soldier in my Army... would Always be indoors at home and would be the Centry. The House Guard.

The 5th Puppy would be a Private-Soldier.

The 5th Puppy would be Named. "Ellison"... He would have the rank of a "Private".. what they call korofo in local parlance. . Recrutu..

Private Ellison being my most favourite has the sweetest Nick-Name.

Private Ellison's Nick Name shall be called "Machine".

When you want Ellison to get Excited, simply call Him " Fighting-Fucking-Drinking-Machine".

The Most terrible of them and commander of the Batallion is Sgt. Don Collier A.K.A War-Daddy.. He can Tear you apart in one minute if you do anyhow you see anyhow.

Their Mother would be the General Officer Commander G.O.C..

Their Mothers Name is Raven..

Raven's Nick Name is Chu-Chu.

Raven Chu-Chu Fury.

This is to serve as a friendly reminder that I now have 6 dogs in my Compound.

Please do not Harrass us so we can all be good..

Any Trespass and I unleash the whole Army to rain down Fire and Fury....

So, just a quick recap.

1st Puppy.. Name : Don Collier. Full Name : Don Collier Fury. Code Name : War Daddy. Rank : Master Sergent.

2nd Puppy. Name : Grady. Full Name ; Grady Travis Fury. Code Name : Coon-Ass. Rank : Lance-Coporal

3rd Puppy. Name : Trini Full Name : Trini Rex Fury. Code Name : Gordo. Rank : Coporal.

4th Puppy. Name : Boyd. Full Name ; Boyd Shawn Fury. Code Name : Byble. Rank : Lance-Coporal

5th Puppy. Name : Ellison. Full Name; Norman Ellison Fury. Rank ; Private Soldier. Code Name : Machine. Pet Name ; Fighting-Fucking-Drinking-Machine.

I this day being Monday 22nd of June being exactly one week today of your birth Commission and Enlist all you 6 Dogs into my Army, The LordBidogs Army.

That as at when it so pleases me, any of you or All of you Shall rain down Fire and Fury to whomever and whatever I command and order you to.

That today, All you 6 pledge your undivided Loyalty to me LordBidogs your lord and Master and Owner.

That you 6 dogs solemnly swear and attest to this Oath this day Monday 22nd June 2020 in the terrible year of The Covid-19 Pandemic.

That you all shall fear Nothing and no one except me..

So God Help you all.