Feminist Should just Rest. Its Actually a Man's world.

By OMA | 18-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

I didn't have a say over my being a man.

Man's World

This apparently had to be my story for the day for so many obvious reasons.

First.. Those Feminist all over the place should please try take a chill pill.


Man Scarce for market oo.

3rd.. Biblically it had been fortold before time and I think somewhere in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 4 verse 1.

"On that day, Seven women would take hold of one man and say, we will eat our own bread and buy our own cloths, Just let us take your Name and take away our disgrace".

So, I was going through all of the day's major Headlines and I stumbled upon a United Nations Demography Report and guush mehn! It was worth the publish on my website.

I had to leave all I was doing to take time to elucidate Women that these are real die times...

Long story short... Husband no dey market again ooo...

According to the report from the United Nations First quarter Demography for 2019, the world population has hit 7.8billion people on planet earth.

Thats not the main gist.

The gist however for me is that women account for 5.6billion while men are mere 2.2 Billion, na hin one girl go dey carry me do shakara. Tufiakwa.

The report went further to advice women to be Humble and careful in showing attitude to men especially all those crase girls wey dey do like say winsch dey follow them from their village.

The worst part is that of the 2.2 Billion Men, 1Billion of them are already married. 130,000 are in prison and 20,000 are mentally ill.

Long and short be say.. Men are Scarce in 2019.

It didnt end there ooo. Out of the 1 billion men available. .

50percent are Jobless. 3 percent are gay 5percent are catholic priest 10percent are your relatives And 35percent are above 66 years of age.

Women should just be humble.

Of a Truth, its a Man's world. Feminist my yansh.