Dual White Wedding

By OMA | 26-05-2019 | Showbiz |  

One Man Marry 2 wives on same day.


White wedding for that matter.

What do we call this? Sacrilege or Abomination or the unimaginable.

Believe it or not. This was a white wedding reported somewhere in Nassara State, North-Central Nigeria.

When media men sort to contact the husband to get his view, the visibly elated Husband had been on record to have said "Understanding is what matters".

"We spoke about it all three of us. My two wives agreed they would live together in peace and give me no problems"

On my part, I hope to treat each of them equally. Make sure I provide for them equally.

One would have thought white wedding was strictly between one man and one woman.

Online users kept asking what Church joined these two women to this man. They went further to inquire whom the officiating minister could be.

Just when you think you have seen it all, boom! Its smashed right in your face.

Nothing eye no go see oo.