Dont Intentionally Hurt People. A case of Linda Ikeji and Madam kemi oluloye

By OMA | 17-11-2018 | Showbiz |  

On your way to Riches.. dont Intentionally Hurt People.

linda ikeji

Madam Kemi olunloyo has said she has forgiven Linda Ikeji the Tenth thousandth Time and the same madam olunloyo has launched an offensive on Linda at the shortest possible interval she last forgave Linda Ikeji. Forgive today, Attack tommorow.

"cat and dog". Kemi and Linda. :D

Kemi Oluloye needs no formal introduction in this business of internet online journalism and weblogging while linda Ikeji is an A* list Celebrity well known Blogger and is a Household brand atleast within the confines of Nigeria. Two heavy weights.

They have had this long running battle and at the slightest instance they lauch attacks on themselves at the slighest provocation or available opportunity.

Just this Morning. Madam Kemi has lauched another scorching Attak on linda Ikeji ceasing the oppourtunity that arose from yet another attack on Linda Ikeji by another Stella Dimoko-korkus calling out Linda.

So, why does Madam Kemi forgive linda today and tomorrow she is right on Linda's Neck again. Madam kemi had revealed quite a lot this time as she bore her mind.

Madam Kemi who revealed she was the Only Nigerian in the Top 10 pioneer bloggers in the world, alleging this information had been available on Times Magazine as way back 1999.

She said Linda's blog ran into problems at some point and was held down 29 hours by one Mr Aye Dee and was the one who fought for the restoration of Linda's blog.

Madam Kemi revealed that her grouse arouse from when Linda diminished her brand in 2013 with the "Gun Story".linda published on her blog agaisnt Madam kemi.

Madam Kemi further took a swipe on Linda in what seemed to be as tho educating her on copyrights syndicating issues.

"We are Weblogging and logging the web is not all about copy and paste. #WEBLOGGING wothout the 'We' is what is termed 'Blogging'. You must credit and source content from the web meaning other people's work. Cheers. Kemi Olunloyo.

Madam kemi seems like she would never be able to get over how Linda Hurt her with the "Gun" story linda Published on her blog in 2013.

"Its Easy to Forgive but very difficult to Forget".

Its easy to forgive with the mouth but its hard to forget from the Mind and Memories and harder to forgive and forget from the Heart.

"Never Hurt People today on your way to The Richies"

Maybe Madam Kemi would never ever Forgive Linda.

Maybe this is the path they chose and the only way they know how to live their lives but Please always weigh your actions and never Hurt people on your way to Riches.