Between Men and Women..

By OMA | 07-02-2020 | Showbiz |  

God put man first


I studied Humanities. I studied Social and Cultural Basic Human Science.

It wont be wrong if you call me a Human-Engineer.

Im dept in Sociology and Human Psychology. They were the majority of what I spent 5 years doing in the university..

All that time cant count for nothing. Im a Human Scientist, A perfect Human Relation expert.

Im a Humanitarian to the core and well grounded.

At the end of the day, Women would always be women and Men would always be Men.

It takes a bigger man to stay with a woman because women would always be women, its only mouth they have...

Any man that can conqure that jaba jaba jaba from their mouth would always be the bigger man.....

Jesus! If a man follows a woman's mouth, God help him, he can easily find himself in hell.

Any man that allows whatever a woman say's with her mouth in a relationship to move or bother him is still a weak man for all im concerned...

All you my married friends, I dont know how you do it, when my fiance starts talking crap at me. I just get happy amd excited amd start smiling cos not for one minute in the world can I afford to ever get angry cos Anger should never br a virtue any two people should ever use to live together...

If you are a man and you can Stand Happy when a woman is talking arrant nonsense and rubbish to you...

You are a Big Man. Big Man is not the Size of your pocket. Its the size of your heart.

Women would always be women, it is only Mouth they have..

It takes a really Big man to be able to conqure a woman's Mouth..

To all the Big Men out there. God Created Adam before he Created Eve.

You are a Man, Be Big, Take Charge..

When Adam refused to take Charge and devil whispered to Eve to take charge, there is problems.

Anytime a Man doesnt take Charge, there Must be a problem.

Thats how God himself programmed the world.

To All the Big Men out there Taking Charge. You have my Love...

To All the women out there with Big mouths. Please lower the Heat. Men go through a lot.