Between Davido and Tboss.

By OMA | 06-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Stand by what you believe in always even in the face of intimidation


It is very important Youths begin to find their own voice and stand with the virtues they believe to be true and refuse to be intimidated or bullied away from their belief.

The Story was that around the Time Chioma was to give birth to Davido's Baby, Two sisters had come out to allege Davido was responsible for the pregnancy one of the sisters had.

Apparently irked by this development, Davido had vowed to track them down and vowed they would go to jail.

Some days later ooo. Davido bragged about it online how some of his aides had tracked these girls in question but what raised brows on social media was that he displayed their pictures with them being handcuffed.

Plenty observers opined that Davido was not the Law enforcement officer nor the Police and had no right to handcuff them not to talk of display such on social media.

Tboss was one outspoken voice against this vice and she was applauded for it. Only for Davido to get at her, Insulted her and even addressed her as a

"Low Buget Toke"

Refering to Tboss as a low Budget Toke Makinwa.

Suprisingly ooo, Tboss couldn't stand her ground but got intimidated by Davido and had to retract her earlier stand up to her even issueing an appology to Davido.

Youths should learn to stand by what they believe.