BBNaija And its Uncountable Wahala.

By OMA | 06-07-2019 | Showbiz |  

Another scam all in name of BBNaija.

Bbnaija wahala-240x400.png

Long awaited BBNaija is here but not without its attendant issues.

Maybe going by the theme of the last Edition "Double Wahala".

A Nigerian lady might have landed in double jeopardy all in the name of BBNaija.

The gist is that, Her fiance seemed to have informed her that he was successful in the Audition and consequently was selected as one of the Housemates for this 2019 "Pepper Them" BBnaija.

However, things took a twist for the worst when the Reality show started out in ernest.

The lady in question had been patiently waiting to see her fiance as one of the current Housemate.

Upon discovering her fiance wasnt a part of the Housemate, she began to smell foul-play and took to her twitter handle to reveal what had trasnpired.

She made known the fact that her fiance informed her that he was successful in the Audition and was preparing to join in the Reality Show.

She revealed she had gone as far as taking a bank loan just to do some shopping for her supposed fiance only to disvover he was not in the BBNaija House.

This Season's BBNaija tells to be all the more interesting if we start to get this type cruz from the very beginning.

She didnt go without getting a savage response from a troll