BBNaija Alex Posts Stunning Picture of herself and her Mum

By OMA | 01-11-2019 | Showbiz |  

Stereotypic of a young girl her age trying to make it on her own


Our Favourite girl from the BBNaija "Double Wahala" House has posted a real descent picture of herself and her mum online.

In what appears to be her catching fun, she also shared some insight of what girls are age go through with their mums.

How she loves her mum and cant be without her mum but the very moment they are together they start to drift apart.

Her message had subtle tones stereotypic of what young good girls her age goes through in our world today, trying to make it on thier own.

That her mum should stop picking up her phone whenever it rings and be like.. "Hello, who are you and where are you from? I am her mother" and stuffs like that generally.

That such could chase prospective suitors away.

And to round it up in a jovial tone, that her mum should stop the celebrity waist bend in pictures.

The take away from it all is that we can tell our favourite girl Alex is having fun and enjoying the fame and fortune that comes with being an ex BBNaija Housemate.

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