Abi Singer Teni don dey Crase ni with her New make-up looks.

By OMA | 06-06-2019 | Showbiz |  

Could she be for Real


Jokes aside. Comedy Aside. Could Teni actually be for real. Let Teni not forget she is role model to young girls with her type of talent.

There is actually a very thing line between sanity and insanity.

Pictures have surfaced online of our favourite "Uyo Meyo" coroner Teni Makanaki depicting some improper make-up of herself with chains all around her neck too numerous to count running from her nose to her neck and all over the place.

To start with. The make up was wack and not befitting. The chains were just too much. Excessive if you asked public opinion.

Teni is currently headlining an event in Kaduna State, North Central Nigeria.

This video in question was shared on instagram by Teni's Boss Dr Dolor and to worsen it all, Teni was heard screaming at the top of her voice that she is far more beautiful than Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna all three of them put together. One joke taken too far.

Was this a comedy stunt or it was actually her on make-up.

Comedy or reality, it was outright absurd and was certainly not good to behold.

Teni pass this kind nonsense na. Ahn ahn.. what happun?

Leaving us asking our audience.

Hit or Miss ?.