A perfect case of Arm-twisting. A DStv and GOtv review

By OMA | 08-01-2018 | Showbiz |  

Define what is to be subscribed to in clear terms.


First and foremost Heads-on, DStv GOtv MultiChoice are South African owned companies that are in Nigeria for Business purposes lets get that fact straight. Business should be with principles and ethics.

So a friend of mine told me there were television stations in South Africa that are within the boundaries and territory of South Africa that are Free to air in South Africa even on Cable satellite.

I wonder why Nigeria should be any different. Digitalisation doesnt mean the cable satellite provider should arm-twist the local populace, I say this because I dont understand how Nigerians have to pay a subscription fee to a South African company before viewing local Nigerian stations.

This is the bone of contention. Some channels are regarded as Extraterrestrial channels while some other are Terrestrial channels.

From their names, it implies that those extraterrestrial channels are not within our domains and hence out from our reach so it has to be brought to you via satellite and surly you should pay a fee for subscription which is a perfect case.

On the other hand, some Tv channels are our local indigenous television stations domiciled and operating withing the confines of Nigerian borders. This is where the argument is at..

How on earth are you to mandate me to pay a subscription to a South African company just to watch Nigerian terrestrial stations in Nigeria.

If there is no subscription on my DSTV or GOtv, I should be able to at least watch AIT, SILVERBIRD, GALAXY TV, MITV and at least CHANNELS TV without any form of subscription being that before digitalisation and before the switch over these stations were free to air using our local antennas.

This was the point I marveled. Lately GOtv claimed to be on a bonanza spree. Before this time, if your subscription expires you could only view NTAinternational with an expired bounquet. With their bonanza came 5 other channels GOtv has released to be free to air and I was wondering to myself, so these steps are intentional and deliberate moves at Arm-twisting and possibly short changing Nigerians by witholding these channels in the first place.

If I can not view CNN BBC and other extraterrestrial stations when my subscription is up, why on earth and in heavens name shouldnt I be able to view local terrestrial channels like AIT and co.

These are the ordeals I thought to bring to bare to have these foreign owned companies know Nigerians are no fools.

If GOtv can release 5 worthless channels as free to air then I believe they are capable of doing better by releasing more channels and making them free to air especially our own terrestrial channels.

DSTV GOTV and Nigerians have come such a long way and I dont see no reason for no baseless Arm-twisting cos these were the same thing MTN their sister South African company did to Nigerians not till MTN got competition from Airtel and Glo and sat up, today telecommunications industry is better for it even tho nigerians were fleeced.

With competition from FreeTv, and in time to come with help of other well meaning Nigerians speaking up, I believe DSTV GOTV should lower their subscription levi and allow enough free to air channels since installing their kit cost a fortune already.

How on earth do you install a GOTV antenna and decoder with way over #5000 only to watch NTAinternational without subscription? This is unjust and negates business ethics and principle.

It is sad Nigerians have to depend on a South African owned company to provide for them cable satellite services but its worse seeing this same companies Arm-twisting Nigerians.

Maybe its a case of getting what you deserve or maybe not.

The bottom line is, DSTV GOTV should be more liberal and leave local Nigerian Terrestrial stations as Free to air to Nigerians.

Concerned Nigerian. OMA.